Ranch house is spacious and functional, with a fine view of the valley. The public hasn't been allowed to hunt on the ranch so it is a sanctuary for wildlife. Moose, deer, bear, cougar, wolves, coyotes, fox, beaver, mink, muskrat, marten, lynx, ducks, geese, sand hill cranes, eagles, owls, and more inhabit the area.

The ranch borders on a picturesque and pristine lake of approximately 65ha/160ac that has been classified “QUALITY” and is managed as a "trophy" fishing lake, stocked to provide large rainbow trout (presently 5-10 pounds). Limited access for fly-fishers, belly boats, and canoes make for a quiet experience, interrupted only by the loons. This ranch has the only drivable access to the lake by car or truck.

Live a dream; create a new life, become as independent and self-sufficient as possible, unrestricted by neighbours, society or rules associated with urban living - a healthy retreat.

A refuge from insecure economies, a safe haven from political turmoil, away from government intrusion and pressure, far from the world's wars, from pollution, no tsunamis or earthquakes or floods.

British Columbia and Canada both have AAA credit ratings, a result of good fiscal management, commodity wealth, and solid economic performance in the past. The B.C. economy is growing and Canada’s future looks bright.

At this time (mid 2018), B.C. has no restrictions on foreigners owning farmland. To invest in this dream BC farmland could offer a safe financial haven in uncertain economic times.