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South Cariboo Ranch for Sale



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Description and Potential

The Ranch

A compact, 600-acre ranch, with miles of Crown land around it and the government road stopping at the front gate. It has many enjoyable features without requiring a large operation. The ranch is well maintained and has been carefully developed with land cleared, debris removed and soil disturbances seeded. The land is either timbered, pasture, producing hayfields, or wetlands. The soil is considered good for this area and the fields have been regularly cultivated. The hayfields are healthy and presently produce several hundred tons of excellent quality hay for the local market.

The price is $2,500,000

Aerial view of the ranch             Aerial context

Haying near the forest


A quiet valley, only ten miles (16 km) from town - with a trading population of 15,000. The ranch is private and "isolated", with no through traffic and very little sign of the "outside" world. For the rancher, parts, repairs, mechanics, hired hands, and tradespeople are only a short drive. For the family there are schools, sporting and social activities, shopping, good restaurants, entertainment and two large supermarkets. Good hospital, doctors, dentists, professional services, seniors services and government agencies are available locally. Easy access to highways allows convenient travel by car, bus, or air, with three airports within an hour's drive.

Crown Land

The Crown (government) land on three sides is webbed by miles of trails that meander through the forest. This forest has been designated Mule deer and Moose winter range with logging restrictions. A truly protected "greenbelt".

The Lake

The lake

The ranch borders on a picturesque and pristine lake of approximately 65ha/160ac that has been classified “QUALITY” and is managed as a "trophy" fishing lake, stocked to provide large rainbow trout (presently 5-10 pounds). "Walk-in" access for fly-fishers, belly boats, Wild lifeand canoes make for a quiet experience, interrupted only by the loons. This ranch has the only drivable access to the lake by car or truck.


The public hasn't been allowed to hunt on the ranch so it is a sanctuary for wildlife; moose, deer, bear, cougar, wolves, coyotes, fox, beaver, mink, muskrat, marten, lynx, ducks and geese, sand hill cranes, eagles, owls and more inhabit the area. Great for people who love the outdoors.


Business options

The ranch presently has a good, reputable business, selling hay to horse and cattle owners and earns enough income to support the owner or a ranch manager. The existing ranch-house could be a manager's residence, located to provide good security. Presently the vegetable gardens are organic, and the beef, pork and poultry are raised naturally, on pasture in a healthy environment. This provides for as much self sufficiency and good food as possible. No herbicides, pesticides, drugs or hormones. The ranch also has a logging side with a woodlot and timber on deeded land. The forest is of mixed species: fir, spruce, aspen, and some pine, which is presently being Hay shedlogged. Selective logging works very well in this situation, with an opportunity to market value-added products such as house logs or timbers or lumber from a small sawmill.


      • Run in its present form, generating income.
      • A large hobby farm, or impressive private estate, with income.
      • Develop into a dude ranch, guest ranch, resort, retreat.

Ranch houseOther Features

  • Ranch house is spacious and functional, with a fine view of the valley.
  • The drinking water is of very good quality and flavour. It springs up to the surface from 80 feet down, clean and clear.
  • Good road maintenance, electricity, phone service and only your traffic to your ranch.
  • No noise. A rare situation: in a valley approximately a mile long from the front gate through the valley to the lake.
  • The owner's concern for quality has made this property one of the best in its class in the Cariboo.
  • Reasonably stable weather, warm in summer and a little chilly in the winter.


Live a dream; create a new life, become as independent and self-sufficient as possible, unrestricted by neighbours, society or rules associated with urban living - a healthy retreat.

A refuge from insecure economies, a safe haven from political turmoil, away from government intrusion and pressure, far from the world's wars, from pollution, no tsunamis or earthquakes or floods.

British Columbia and Canada both have AAA credit ratings, a result of good fiscal management, commodity wealth, and solid economic performance in the past. The B.C. economy is growing and Canada’s future looks bright.

B.C. has no restrictions on foreigners owning farmland. To invest or diversify into this farmland could offer a safe financial haven in uncertain economic times.

What you do here is what you want to do,
not what somebody else wants you to do.

This is one of the nicest private estates in the area
- a special and beautiful place with lots of potential.

The price is $2,500,000

Ranch Assets


The present owner, who has been on the ranch for 40 years, speaks English and German. If needed, we can assist the new owner with the transition, orientation and management.

Tractor baling hay